Sunday, August 17, 2008

{Hercules and Love Affair}

"He put up a fight
Showed us his might
Little boy Hercules"

These are the lyrics that start of the second track on the self titled album "Hercules and Love Affair." They go so well with the story of how the band started.

A DJ named Andy Butler started creating tracks that he knew could not be overlooked. He wanted to bring back the disco era in a fresh new way, and would do anything to get the tracks noticed (he dragged his friends in to sing the vocals.)

Now there is a full band, and Hercules and Love Affair have hit it off big.

LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy loved their single "Blind" so much, that he signed them to write an entire album. And i must say, they do not disappoint.

Tracks like "Athene" and "Time Will" just show how much talent and creativity went into this album.

It is available in most stores where cds are sold.

I highly recommend picking it up.

that us all.

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