Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Cross The Universe

I saw Justice in March at Mayan Theater.

We were all waiting along the wall of the venue to get in.

We suddenly heard a lot of cheering from the front of the line, and turned to see Xavier de Rosnay and Gaspard Auge of Justice being lead by the police down the line, cuffed. We saw them get forced into a cop car, and So Me (DJ, director of the DVNO music video, and also artist of Justice's album cover) was filming the whole thing.

We all wondered what this was for, and a woman walked by and said it was for their documentary.

We did not believe her.

But I do now!

Justice has announced their documentary "A Cross The Universe" to be released in late fall.

It will be accompanied by a live CD.

They are going on a DJ set tour to promote it, which includes the HARD Haunted Mansion show I talked about.

Busy P, DJ Mehdi, and So Me will support them on select dates.

Unfortunately, their LA show does not include the three.

Stay tuned for a review of the documentary.

I am trying to get my hands on it.

That is all.

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Ian said...

have you seen this?