Saturday, September 13, 2008

Review - of Montreal "Skeletal Lamping"

I know I have said tis in many recent posts, but in my top ten of the year.

It is amazing, and it is of Montreal's 2nd best work (Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer? will always 1st)

Kevin Barnes is back, and is as feminine as ever.

But that does not stop his voice and playing from being wonderful.

The album is their weirdest work, and it makes you love the weirdness.

"Women's Studies Victims" is my favorite from the disc.

Songs like "Gallery Piece" and "Touched Something's Hollow" caught my ears.

The two singles from the album, "Nonpariel of Favor" and "Id Engager", are single worthy and bring Of Montreal to their most professional state.

They show you that just dressing weird and have colorful shows does not mean you cannot play music better than the BA bands.

of Montreal, you have done it again.

"Skeletal Lamping" releases October 7th.

Go pick it up when it hits the stores.

That is all.

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