Tuesday, September 2, 2008

SebastiAn - the world's greatest DJ

SebastiAn is the greatest DJ of our time.

His sets get better and better, his tracks get harder and more crisp.

His debut EP, "Smoking Kills" is the first time we encounter this style of electro, a grindy and ear shattering sound we get addicted to.

He gave us "H.A.L.", his track on Ed Rec Vol. 1, which is in his top five best.

Then came "Ross Ross Ross", which has the famous SebastiAn face album art, and also a handful of unforgettable tracks.

Out of nowhere, his single "Untitled" released, which is easily one of his best works to date.

Ed Rec Vol. 2 had "Dolami", a tad upset, though it still manages to make me bob my head.

Then his EP "Motor Momy Army", which has two of his best tracks featured on it.

Lastly, "Dog" was released as SebastiAn's track on Ed Rec Vol. 3. This track is one of my favorites, yet many look down upon it.

And don't think i have forgotten his remixes.

SebastiAn easily wins in my favorite mix artist as well. (Soulwax is a close second)

His remix of "Killing in the Name" by Rage Against The Machine is by far his best. However, his remix of Kavinsky, "Testarossa", is a very very close second.

SebastiAn has won the title of my favorite DJ, and you can criticize this statement as you please, but i will stand firm.

That is all.

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