Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Is this guy even old enough to drive?

Yes, in fact, he is.

22 year old Surkin comes out of Paris, like every other great DJ, but brings a lot to the table.

From his amazing Coachella set to his most recent track featuring Chromeo, Surkin has been satisfying me more and more.

He is signed to the label Institubes, which features a handful of mentionable names like Midnight Juggernauts and Para One.

His new EP, Next of Kin, is flawless. The single track "Next of Kin" is very retro in synth, but is just as modern when everything else kicks in.

It features another track entitled "White Knight Two", which is just as impressive as the title track.

"Next of Kin" released on Institubes.

Like i said before, Chromeo has a track featuring Chromeo. It is entitled "Chrome Knight", and can be downloaded at asianmandan.blogspot.com

that is all.

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