Monday, October 6, 2008

The Killers new single "Human" is...GOOD?!

Yes, dare I say it, the new single "Human" by The Killers is surprisingly impressive.

They have not released anything decent since "Hot Fuss" back in 2004.

Except maybe the Christmas stuff and a few tracks off "Sam's Town" and "Sawdust"

The new song is very different for them.

It has a lot of synth, like that the stuff back in 04, yet it is as mature as the few good tracks on "Sam's Town."

They played the track last Saturday on Saturday Night Live.

They also played another song, which i enjoyed but cannot find information about.

Go download "Human" on ITunes.

If you are like me, one who has found a dislike for The Killers, you should check this out.

Maybe it will finally be like the old days. When The Killers had good music.

Again, download the song.

That is all.

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avantnoise said...

The other song they performed, according to my killers superfan friend, Kat, is spaceman.