Saturday, January 31, 2009

Coachella "Know Your Bands":Cloud Cult

To begin to describe the genre of this band would be pointless, because they combine so many various sounds. Cloud Cult is a band from Minneapolis and they are playing Coachella. Cloud Cult is a happy upbeat band that uses both violins and some poppy beats to produce this very unique and wonderful sound. Below are are few of there hit songs for download. Check them out, and be sure to see them at Coachella. Be sure to study up on the other wonderful bands featured at this years festival.

Lucky Today-Cloud Cult

Chemicals Collide-Cloud Cult

More Coachella "Know Your Bands" soon to come.

That is all.


Bradley and Alyssa said...

Nice dude. There is alot of bands that i need to learn about from the bottom half of the lineup.

Gabby/Sannhet said...
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