Saturday, January 17, 2009

Review - Franz Ferdinand "Tonight: Franz Ferdinand"

Well Franz Ferdinand has FINALLY released another album.

We have been waiting and waiting, and now it is finally here.

They have really changed their sound up, and it is a bittersweet situation.

I have been a die hard FF fan since they first released their self-titled masterpiece.

From their came "You Could Have It So Much Better," which had the relatively same English pop riffs of old.

Now there is this third album.

As amazing as it is, (Don't get me wrong, this will probably be one of my favorite albums of the year) it is hard to think that this is what they have been working on for roughly three years.

The songs are great, but you can tell the songs that they used to fill the album with.

The songs that they really took time on are GLORIOUS.

The album version of "Lucid Dreams" is so amazing and fresh.

And of course, "Ulysses" and "No You Girls" scream Franz single.

"Twilight Omens" is my favorite on the disc.

I give this album a 4.5 of 5.

It is brilliant, with the occasional "Really, Franz?"

I urge you to pick it up when it releases on the 26th.

That is all.

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