Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Review - MSTRKRFT "Fist of God"

This follow up is well worth coming back to old MSTRKRFT.

I must admit, I have been disappointed with these guys ever since their rubbish show at Coachella in 07.

But when they returned with this, I was left speechless.

MSTRKRFT has dropped their more Justice-like sound for something that tastes a little more Bloody Beetroot.

They still have a bit of Justice in them, but it seems like they finally found their own place.

This album is incredible, and will surely be played on dancefloors.

Key tracks are "1000 Cigarettes", "Fist of God", and "Click Click"

I will be featuring a few tracks from this album during my radio show on Saturday.

Tune in, Radio23.org from 6-8 Pacific Time.

8/10. Amazing album.

That is all.

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