Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Gabriel Stebbing leaves Metronomy

Joseph Mount of Metronomy has recently announced that Gabriel Stebbing (bass/synth/vocals) will no longer be apart of the band due to a mutual understanding that Gabriel needs to work with his other band.

Joseph said, "It's all very amicable and he's assured me he doesn't think he's fleeing a sinking ship. Gabriel wants to work on his own band, Your Twenties."

Although this upset many Metronomy fans, including myself, we cannot start hating Metronomy.

Let's just hope that Your Twenties album is pretty damn good.

Joseph also said that Metronomy has been working on their new live show and that the audiences will be very impressed.

I'm proud of Joseph for taking all this so well.

Download Metronomy on iTunes.

That is all.

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