Friday, June 19, 2009

Live - The Dead Weather @ The Roxy Theatre 6/17/09

There is no word to define how talented The Dead Weather are as a group.

Every member of the band provides something different.

The band performed near flawlessly, each song satisfying the sold out venue.

Jack White was on drums, of course, but he came out and played guitar for the song "Will There Be Enough Water?"

He sang with lead lady Alison Mosshart, and the two nearly touched lips while singing. (It was very VV and Hotel)

Dean Fertita, who White as chosen to replace him on guitar, does the job outstandingly. His playing was superb on both guitar and organ.

Of course, Little Jack Lawrence was awesome as well. He seemed more comfortable on stage then previous times I've seen him play.

Here is the setlist:
'60 Feet Tall'
'Treat Me Like Your Mother'
'Bone House'
'You Just Can't Win'
'So Far From Your Weapon'
'Child of a Few Hours'
'Rocking Horse'
'I Cut Like a Buffalo'
'No Hassle Night'
'Will There Be Enough Water'
'Forever My Queen'
'Hang You From The Heavens'
'New Pony'

See The Dead Weather in concert this August in Southern California.

10/10 Brilliant performance.

That is all.

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