Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Review - Datarock "Red"

Datarock came back from a fairly short break with a new album called "Red."

I was very happy to know that they did not change or get rid of their awesome matching sweatsuits and glasses.

But regarding the album, I was also very happy with their music.

They did not stray far from their previous self-titled debut. They pack the same 80's and modern electronic mixture of a punch, which I think will not bore long term fans.

The album is good to dance to, and pairs very well with the first album.

It is basically a second installment of the first album.

Key tracks are "Molly", "The Pretender", and "Dance!"

Keep up the good work, Datarock.

Datarock (2007) - 9/10

Red (2009) - 8.5/10

Download Red now on iTunes or buy it in stores.

That is all.

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