Friday, July 10, 2009

Review - The Dead Weather "Horehound"

It has only been half a year, but this album has already been set in stone as my album of the year.

Every song on the album is pure gold.

You could say that Jack White "has really done it this time," because he has released one of the most intense hard rock blues albums (and one of the only ones) in a long long time.

Alison Mosshart scares even the toughest of men with her harsh voice. From "60 Feet Tall" to "New Pony," she continues to make us crave the cringe her words give.

My three personal favorites on the record (besides the three pre-released singles) are "So Far From Your Weapon," "3 Birds," and "Will There Be Enough Water?"

On that last mentioned track, White and Mosshart produce the deepest blues on the album. They have so much chemistry, it is almost too much to bear.

I couldn't honestly say one track is better than the next. Each one is needed.

10/10. Perfect album.

Purchase the album here in the US on the 14th of July, or find it streaming on iLike previous to the release.

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