Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Review - Metronomy "Not Made For Love EP"

Now with a new bass player and drummer, Metronomy has released their first EP since Gabriel Stebbing left the band. The EP is called "Not Made For Love."

It starts with "Not Made For Love." A great song. It isn't as easy to dance to as most Metronomy songs, but it is still very good and impressive.

The next song is "Do The Right Thing." This is the best song on the record. It is catchy, danceable, and yet still manages to remain a tad bit dark.

"What Do I Do Now" is the most disappointing song on the release. It has some neat synth sounds, but fails to sound like Metronomy.

It is also packed with several remixes, including one by the rising artist Astronomer.

The remixes are very impressive, which is a surprise to me because most remixes included on albums and EPs these days are mediocre.

The EP gets a 9/10.

Download it on the web, or buy it when it releases physically at the end of September.

That is all.

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