Saturday, October 17, 2009

Review - Where The Wild Things Are

This movie...where do I begin?

I went into this film with extremely high expectations. Spike Jonze never disappoints, and how could he with this this film?

The first few scenes are just whatever. The way they opening the film was pretty clever and funny.

I disliked how they did not follow the book when Max entered the wild. That was a bummer.

I liked the way they presented the monsters. It was dark and very interesting. From there, the movie no longer made sense.

The main monster, Carol, proceeds to destroy all of the monster's huts for no reason. You later find out it was because of the girl monster K.W.? You never really know what happened. (This kind of thing makes up most of the movie.)

It seemed like all the monsters were sad. Max tries to make them happy by building a giant stick ball for them to live in. They are still not happy.

If someone built ME a giant stick ball, I might be happy.

And for the unknown amount of time that Max is in the wild (it seems fairly short), I guess he emotionally connected with the monsters and they all get sad at the end when he leaves. They barely even talked to each other, so I don't know how they could have connected in such a way.

One of the few redeeming qualities of the film was the goat monster. He was hilarious! And the two owls. They too were funny.

The soundtrack was also fairly decent. Some weird music with a lot of Karen O. going "Do do do do do."

I know all you indie people will say you loved this movie whether it was a poor film or not, but I have to put my foot down.

Although the visual effects were outstanding, the film itself was a large disappointment.

The parts when they were fighting with dirt and things were exploding and flying around; that is would the movie should have consisted of. FUN.

I give it 4/10.

That is all.

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Gabby // avant noise said...

I agree.

The cinematography was beautiful.
However, I expected a lot more from the film.
The script could have been structured far differently.
There were many underwhelming parts, unfortunately.