Sunday, January 17, 2010

Review - Hot Chip "One Life Stand"

Hot Chip is on their fourth album, "One Life Stand", and it is a rough listen at first.

I listened to it a few times and I thought I hated it. But then I continued to listen to it. The record is a listen different than the first three, but I feel that it is almost necessary to create that "different" record.

It is more of a beautiful record rather than a "good" Hot Chip album. Don't get me wrong, it is a good album. It is just a different Hot Chip sound. It is something to the mix of Hot Chip songs that can calm you down, but still make your head move.

Alexis Taylor, lead vox and keys, brings out his high voice again with the track "I Feel Better." I love when he uses that voice. It adds so much beauty to the music.

If you did not like this record, take another listen. Go in with an open mind.

Key tracks are Hand Me Down Your Love, One Life Stand, and Alley Cats.

"One Life Stand" gets an 8/10.

That is all.

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