Friday, January 8, 2010

Review - Vampire Weekend "Contra"

Sophomores Vampire Weekend have their new album set to release this Tuesday.

This time around, the New York natives have brought their best and weirdest to the table.

The album starts with the jungle filled "Horchata." It is a perfect way to enter the album that most band wagon VW fans may not enjoy.

Rostam Batmanglij, who plays guitar and keyboards, owns this album with his modified synths and interesting drum programming. If you are expecting traditional Vampire Weekend high guitar riffs, you will only find a few tracks that feature said sounds.

The second track, "White Sky", starts out with 80's inspired electronic drums, and eventually leads into a high pitched screeching chorus. It may take you some time to get used to this album, but I warn you, it will grab on to you and it will not let go.

The tracks range significantly, from the fast paced rush through the amazing 2nd single "Cousins", to the calm Bollywood coated "Giving Up The Gun", you will find varying sounds from the band.

A track that I find incredibly exciting is "California English." Ezra Koenig, front man of the band, auto tunes his voice to discuss the various traits of the state. His words hold so much color with lyrics like "Fake Philly cheesesteak, but she uses real toothpaste." Koenig said in a recent interview that the album is "definitely a California album."

Key tracks are "Run", "Diplomat's Son", and "I Think UR A Contra."

This album gets a perfect 10/10

That is all.

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