Sunday, February 21, 2010

Review - Yeasayer "Odd Blood"

This album may have proved me wrong in naming my album of the year earlier.

Yeasayer's sophomore album "Odd Blood" is a gem in the slew of indie albums released in these short months of 2010.

They have a more poppy sound this time around, which I believe suits them much better.

Their single, "Ambling Alp", is an addicting, drum powered rush of a song. One of the best tracks this year.

It is hard to release that daring second album, being such a low key band as it is.

Each track is a mystic creeper. You crave more after the keyboard drone ending of "Grizelda."

Yeasayer is a band that is really incomparable to another group. It is a situation like this that lets you know when a band is really incredible.

I recommend an immediate download or purchase of this album.

It is at the top of the 2010 list, if not the best of the year thus far.

Key tracks: "Mondegreen", "Madder Red", "O.N.E."

This gets a perfect 10/10.

That is all.

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