Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Review - Ratatat "LP4"

Ratatat has finally returned with the ironically named "LP4."

I was wondering how Ratatat was going to top their beautiful 2008 album "LP3." To my surprise, they do so in every way.

This could arguably be the best album that Ratatat has released to date. But how can that be possible? With the self-titled debut? "Classics?" "LP3?" Everything that Ratatat puts out is gold. "LP4" is no exception.

The album begins with the crazy tender "Billar." It is a fresh take on Ratatat's sound, but they still manage to keep their signature sound in there.

The next track is the killer "Drugs." This track features one of the best Ratatat beats I have heard from them. I cannot wait to hear this one live.

The album goes on to provide those classic Ratatat guitar shrills and amazing beats.

More key tracks include "Bare Feast," "Mandy," and my favorite "Grape Juice City."

Another really fun track is "Neckbrace." They use a voice as a synth. It sounds so clean. I also love the often use of short voice tracks on this album. The end of "Bob Gandhi" is genius.

There is not one disappointing track on this album.

Ratatat has come back with their classic sounds with a few twists. It is the perfect album to dance to.

This will without a doubt be among the top 10 of the year, maybe in the top 5.

"LP4" is to be released June 8th. Be sure to buy this glorious gem when it comes out.

Ratatat's 4th receives a perfect 10/10.

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